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I Need A Summer Job!

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Graphic Arts :) It's what I'll be doing atleast

Not sure what my payoffs would be, it depends on how many clients I can find, but I should bring in $500 by the end of the summer, though that might be overshooting it abit.

Later on I should be getting more since me and tim will be a-brewing something up ;)

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Well if there's job centre in your neighbourhood go check it out.

I've worked in a slaughterhouse for 3 summers. Pays good, but working from 5am - 3pm was a bit too much after a while. Then I worked in a food distribution central to collect orders. Pretty cool job, you should look out for something like that. Right now I'm doing some web design, pays a lot better for much less work :)

Btw Cheezy, only 500$? You should ask a bit more, I already get that for only one project.

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I made almost $2k last summer working at a university library ($7 an hour, and there was no schedule at all, I just showed up and left when I wanted), but I only got the job because my mom works there. Yeah I know its nepotistic :)

Try a local library if you can, its easy and you get to read lots of stuff on breaks. Its impossible to be bored in a library!

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