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What Does Your Family Think About Wfg?

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My sister hates it, or rather, she hates that I spend so much time online...she doesn't even know what I do I think :banana:

Mom and dad also think I spend way too much time online, but they think it's good I do something useful when online atleast :drunk: They're oldfashioned though, so you can't really expect them to like me being online at all :band:

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Me too Alex, they think I am on it too much. Then when I'm posting and such I get the 'Don't talk to prevert strangers' speech.

It gets annoying, and also my sister hates it, even though she has her own new computer which is twice as fast as mine now. She tries to tattle tale and says 'mom Desmond's talking to poeple on the interent', she tries to get me in trouble for no reason. <_<

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my parent don't realy know what I do online, and they don't realy care

That goes for my parents and my brothers too! And really i dont think they care. But my mom always complain about that spend too much time in front of my computer!

On topic: They have really NO idea what WFG is :banana:

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