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Hi Everyone, here is a preview of the Empires At War scenario that I am building for 0 AD version 24, using it's Atlas Editor... The scenario is build for 8 players with 10 civilizations to chose from, each with its very own geopolitical advantages and disadvantages base on their geographical starting areas on the map. The map itself is a gigantic graphic caricature of Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, North Africa, Western Canaan and Anatolia, that is base on the real history and geographical location of each of the civilizations in the scenario. The O AD Empires at War scenario is pack with many resources, wood, specially...a lot of it....fauna details, relics, treasures and buffer states that need to be conquered in order to keep expanding and waging war on your rival empires. All those buffer states have treasures for whoever take them that will help you enhance your civilization and keep waging war and expanding across the map. The objective of the scenario is to conquer all your rivals civilizations and become the last one standing. The scenario's map is Gigantic,  and  it may take days or weeks for any new player to win, and many hours among group of players with more experience. But you all can set the Scenario to be play as a solo game, and set the alliances and enemies as you like, played, and save your game, so you can keep playing other day. You can also modify the map as you like, change the terrain, the starting positions, units, buildings fauna, as you like. Or add others that are not in the scenario for not been participants on that region of the world at the time this historical base scenario take place. I am building the scenario using geographical and real History info to give to it a Historical feeling and make it an educational historical scenario while fun at the same time... But no one need to play my design scenario in its vanilla form if they don't like it, with the Atlas editor, everyone can change it and modified as they like. Here is a preview of how it is looking so far... Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions and tips from all players, specially those with more experience and knowledge than me, about the game itself, are always welcome. Here is a preview of how it is coming so far...  Thank you all for your time and attention.



empires at war coming soon.jpg


empires at war coming soon 2.jpg



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