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why you play 0ad? unique?

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i searched for this posting i did not found it. cant believe its not a double posting, but don't find it.

What particularly fascinates me about this strategy game is that I can play almost everything using the keyboard. this is a unique selling point and probably the property that fascinates me most. ( of course i speaking fom AutoCiv MOD and my config i develop every day a bit user.cfg).
before that i played Megaglest sometimes, but the fascination really didn't last that long. That is surely also the reason that I don't play any other games on the computer (except chess using lichesslichchess). i really hop AutoCiv is still there in A25. if not what am I supposed to do here? 

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I've played 0ad on and off since A23 even though I've joined the forum recently. I'm a fan of AOE 2 and in my opinion 0ad is like a more visually appealing and interesting version of AOE 2 (I haven't played the definitive edition of AOE 2 so don't know how it compares). However the attention to detail is impressive, whether it's graphics or historical compatibility. For an open source project I'm pleasantly surprised this many people are working hard to make it better. I've only ever played games to get something out of them, but since playing 0ad I believe it's turned the other way round and now I feel like giving back. So I guess I won't be getting tired of it anytime soon.

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The best STR style game.

What I like is that the micromanagement part is not too advanced and therefore accessible. Historical (antiquity) and promises a very nice evolution thanks to a great staff. Team games that are not alike and 1 vs 1 chills and sometimes stressful depending on the opponents.

Of course the game has its flaws but we get over it.

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Innovation: Ancient soldiers did not stand around with a sword in hand all the time, they were citizen-soldiers. 

Balance: Balance should avoid giving magical damage multipliers where possible. It is a bold direction to balance without hard counters.

Art: I see the armor of Philip II I saw in the tomb in Vergina on my Hypaspists, or catch the Library of Celsus on the Seleucid library. I mean how cool are you guys...

More Art: The terrain and the biomes are so beautiful I want to take a vacation in some maps .

Opensource: I know why it is great. And I see how it is great...

And promise of more to come: Formation bonuses, ramming ships, flanking etc.

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