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I have this very distant memory when I was playing with my toy fire truck. I was five and I knew I was bored doing that. Only a few years after that I had this thought that I might never ever get bored again. I could read, I had a computer. The number of things I wanted to do or learn about kept getting bigger, and there was never going to be enough time for all of them. But at that time I was trying. I played the violin, piano and chess, I learned about physics and programming, I studied seven foreign languages, I did quite a lot of sports and some creative writing. Most of those things even at a decent competitive level.

All of those eventually led me to a massive burnout at an early age. I became someone who liked to think and sleep a lot. I walked while thinking and I thought while walking, and then I went to bed when that made me tired (I wasn't walking while sleeping as far as I know). I was about to become a philosopher, but I got married to a great woman instead. We spent the last few years perfecting our relationship. I strongly considered starting to work on something serious again now that I am in my thirties. I had some ideas on how to make best use of my abilities on a single project. The problem is that I already know what it takes, yet I still like to sleep quite a lot. Let's see how this turns out.

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Play 0ad.

Try to modify something in the 0ad.

Take the time off with my daughter and wife in some nearby park (I am in a region with the last well-preserved stretches of forest in the city).

Read history books.

Going out with childhood friends to drink, listen to music and play poker (seriously hampered in the last few months).

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