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I got this from a mod on github Sciguy42. I believe that something like this disabling the phase city technology.



(In this example he is disabling the possibility to build several buildings and units for all civs for this map only.)

var disabledTemplates = (civ) => [

// Economic structures

"structures/" + civ + "_corral",

"structures/" + civ + "_farmstead",

"structures/" + civ + "_field",

"structures/" + civ + "_storehouse",

"structures/" + civ + "_rotarymill",

"structures/" + civ + "_market",

// Expansions

"structures/" + civ + "_civil_centre",

"structures/" + civ + "_military_colony",

// Walls

"structures/" + civ + "_wallset_stone",



// Shoreline

"structures/" + civ + "_dock",





"units/" + civ + "_support_female_citizen"


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Yes. I remember now. In your map XML file:

  "AISeed": 0,
  "CircularMap": true,
  "Description": "Northern Italy near the Alps is called Cisalpine Gaul by the Romans. It's a fertile area contested by the Gauls, Etruscans, and Romans alike. ",
  "Keywords": [
  "DisabledTechnologies": [
  "LockTeams": false,
  "Name": "Cisalpine Winter (2 players)",
  "PlayerData": [
      "Name": "Player 1"
      "Name": "Player 2"
  "Preview": "cisalpine_winter_2p.png",
  "RevealMap": false,
  "VictoryConditions": [

See "DisabledTechnologies" section. Just put the phases you want to disable there. :) 

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