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Hi. I've got a problem with logging to lobby.


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I've got strange issue. Namely I cannot connect to the lobby. When I'm trying it process statys at connecting...
Earlier this day I was able to connect without any problems. I didn't make any changes or something.

Could someone please help me?


My name is:




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20 minutes ago, Yekaterina said:

gator303 I recommend you to create another account. The lobby is definitely functional. 

He doesn't have the right to. One account per person unless otherwise authorized.

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16 hours ago, Stan` said:

Something needs to be done about that and the lobby, but I don't know what;

its connected with rating . there is a solution suggested by me last week about that. but therfore you need change the rating

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@Gatot303, the basics of computer science if it does not work, remove and reinstall it. If that does not work either, I could recommend upgrading windows 10 to Linux mint 20. Also you could easily make you system dual bootable if you have a linux mint ISO file.

I have to edit this as the gods themselves want probably me to help you. After making the comment, I wanted to join the lobby and got a similar issue. Since I have been messing with mods lately and knew that I could connect with a modded version, I enabled a mod. Then I disabled it and I could connect again. Maybe that helps for you as well.

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