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Looking for an artist to make a dagger sheath

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I was wondering if anybody has the time and will to help me out with this because i have absolutely no knowledge about blender, textures etc. Currently there is no available sheath for daggers and i'd like to add them to my mod if someone would be willing to make them. It would be nice if they could be worn on the chest, but on hip would be fine too (prop point = sheath_01/02_L/R). It would be important that there is also an empty version of the sheath, just like some existing swords already have (sheath_xiphos, sheath_xiphos_e).2804-Cretan-Archer.thumb.jpg.1ec91cb436b3c06548905d91a4ac1b5f.jpg


Then as a sidenote, the sheath for the falcata is not working properly. They currently clip through the sheathes. If somebody would be willing to fix this i'd really appreciate the help.


Files/paths for ease of access (from svn):


Thanks in advance :) 

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