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Roman "Roads"--Civ Differentiation

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Ancient Rome was renowned for its vast territory and its extensive network of roads that connected its territory. The primary purpose of Rome's roads was to allow for the quick travel of its military to different parts of its territory to quell uprisings and raids. 


Proposal: Roman units move +15% quicker when within their territory limits.


This bonus would have the effect of encouraging roman players to build more CCs to expand their territory just like ancient Rome. It would also allow them to more quickly respond to raids just like ancient Rome. 

This bonus could apply to either just Roman units or to Roman units and their allies. 



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5 minutes ago, borg- said:

The bonus looks good to me, but I don't think it encourages build new CCs.

Yeah, it would be very marginal impact without making the bonus too OP. 

ETA: it could also be made into a tech since Rome doesn't have a specific tech right now. 

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More importantly it would tie in with how logistics were a great advantage for Rome, imagine making a forward cc and being able to deploy units faster, seems like a great idea to me. Keep in mind a side effect might be op traders and eco due to walk speed, so perhaps we should disallow the bonus for traders, women or citizen soldiers not in formation.

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I'd have a small tech progression.

Roman Roads -> Roman Logistics


Roman Roads (Town Phase)

- 300 stone

- Unlocks aura at Civic Centers and Markets which gives Roman Units a +10% speed boost

- Unlocks Roman Logistics


Roman Logistics (City Phase)

- 400 food, 200 metal 

- All Units -10% train time, all Structures -10% build time


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