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Help with linux - balanced map mod


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I seem to be having trouble implementing balanced maps mod on linux - I run linux mint 19.3, can anybody that knows something about the mod implementation help pretty please

A simple step-by-step "how to" would be wonderful :D:D

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It's this mod - when I tried to open the latest version it opened through wine automatically and wouldn't stop sending errors until I restarted my laptop and deleted the folder - now the thing is, I don't really know what to do to implement this mod on my linux distro to make everything work (thing to note here is that I installed a24 through flatpack because at the time ppa was still on a23, didn't wanna bother with snap)

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- Go to your mods path (see here)
- Remove any file or folder with balanced_maps or balanced-maps in the name

- Download the latest development version:

- Create a folder named balanced-maps and place the file there

- ????

- Profit

By the way, this is the development version, so if you're having trouble with this procedure (which I don't recommend if you want your 0ad clean of buggy code) I don't recommend proceeding. There are 2 fixes that still require being completed, a crash on map browser due to map icon loading doing huehue brbr stuff and the game stanza messages to avoid nobs trying to join host without mod.

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