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Storehouse and farms rework


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I want to hear your opinion about the following mechanic:

Disable the ability to use the CC as storage, but make farms and storehouses therefore either gratis or let them have a very reduced cost.



  • It is inconsistent that you can use the CC as storage and not the fortress. Historically you would need to store resources in a fortress as well, otherwise it would be very susceptible to siege.
  • It is generally a bit inconsistent that you would store resources in either the CC or the fortress themselves. Wouldn't the resources be better stored in a storehouse or farmstead by the CC/fortress?
  • As mentioned somewhere else, it makes not so much sense to have your field directly in your city in front of the CC. -> See DE or the city building mod.


  • more realistic city layout
  • it gets easier to rush, as the fields are not in front of the CC. (At least not all of them).
  • more interesting gameplay. You need to think about how you want to protect your fields.


  • little bit slower game start, but as it is the same for all players it shouldn't change anything balance wise.
  • gratis buildings are not realistic, but you could argue for a really reduced cost. In comparison to a house, a storehouse can be build much simpler/cheaper.


Looking forward to hear your thoughts on that, or maybe just tell me if that has already been discussed somewhere :D

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