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I'd like to open a discussion about possible changes to ram implementation.


In comments about 24b, there's talk about ram issue, why rams don't attack soldiers anymore, etc.

My proposal would be to modify ram's along the lines of mechanized units found in other games.
One of these is a german tank battle game called SuddenStrike and SuddentStrikeII. In that game

tanks, jeeps, trucks, apc's were *manned* and could not operate without a crew. The crew could be

killed, or the crew could leave the vehicle, leaving the vehicle essentially inert and *neutral* (meaning anyone/team could capture it).

Vehicles could be damaged unable to move until repaired. A minimum crew compliment was required to operate a given vehicle.

Vehicle fighting efficiency varied depending on how completely the vehicle was crewed.

My understanding of ancient rams is that they were manned, the men inside not only operated the ram, moved it, they also fought off

attackers from within.


So I propose something similar for 0ad.

1. rams don't move and are inert without a crew

2. rams are owned by whomever crews it.

3. rams can break down (made unusable) but can be repaired.

4. rams can (still) be destroyed.

5. crews in rams can inflict damage on enemy units in the vicinity.

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