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There needs to be a new forum category


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There needs to be a new forum category for game development other than 0ad but using the Pyro engine.

If the category exists and I missed it, my apollogies.

I'm working on cleaning up the engine so that I can understand it, and it's a lot of work;  but when I'm done, what I want to do next is to try and see if I could use it for a totally different (at least superficially) kind of game.

I want to make a space game with this engine.  No, not a first person shooter;  it would be a strategy space game like good old Masters of Orion.  And NOT a remake of MOO;  something better.

In MOO there were the gallactic map (if 50 star systems could be called a "galaxy", LOL), and a tactical screen for space battle (somewhere in planetary orbit, presumably).

The gallactic map was not too sophisticated;  a purely 2D thing;  each fleet represented by a little arrowhead symbol.

When enemy fleets meet, the game opens up a tactical display, where you get a chance to tell each ship which way to move and what to shoot at in the next turn.  The ships of both fleets appear stationary on the screen at first.  MOO was a turn-based game.  So, once you are done giving instructions to your ships, the battle advances through one turn.  Anyways, the ships could be implemented using regular units or special ones, such as sea-going ships.  MOO2 was 2D, and this game could be 2.5D in the sense that, more or less, the space ships could be moving around on a virtual piece of glass, with a starry background seen through.

In MOO2 it was a wonderful change, really, after hours of building your empire on the gallactic screen and planetary screens, to then change to a tactical environment and engage in space battle.  At the end of the battle, usually there was a change to either bombard a planet to smitherines, or to land forces and take control of it.  This part of the game was not too well developed in MOO:  All you could do here was watch the ground battle.  This new game could fix that and introduce something like Starcraft for planetary conquest.  So it would be like 3 games in 1.

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Thanks,  this was my purpose in posting this;  curious if there's any interest in the idea, as I will probably need some help making this happen.

By the way, I have a background in C++ programming, in SSE Assembler, as well as in shader programming in GLSL.

Additionally, I have a background as an artist;  I used to work full time Blender modelling at one time, plus texturing.

One area where I would need help is in any javascript needed;  I never touched javascript with a 10-ft pole.


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