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The Official Christmas Presents Thread

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I got the two towers extended, 2fast 2furious, that cube thingie which you turn around and have to get all the sides to have the right color, money, forks, spoons and knives (I'll be moving relatively soon so my parents figured they'd give me these things before I do, so I don't have to buy them myself), a neat towel and a quotationdictionary ;)

I was happy too :brow:

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I got (birthday and Christmas): Rock em Sock em Robots, dartboard, Terminator 3 Poster framed, Atari game(newer version that has 10 old skool games), atomic/solar casio watch, nutcraker, coke a cola figures, fuzzy blanket, fuzzy slippers, $50.00 Best Buy giftcards, some shirts, cool chile dyed t-shirt, 2 electronic kits.

I think that is it, but that is only from my family later comes the aunts uncles. :brow:

With the money I have been saving I mihgt buy a gas powered truck (Traxxas T-Maxx)

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that cube thingie which you turn around and have to get all the sides to have the right color

You mean a Rubix cube? :brow:

I received:

Stetson Cologne

TTT 2004 Day calendar

RotK PC Game (which i already had, we'll exchange it)

Hooded zip-up fleece jacket

Nice sweater, will definately get some use

Trumpet care kit, very needed

A Sony Clié (Handheld running Palm software) - my favorite gift...now i just have to wait 2 1/2 more hours for its initial battery charging.

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I have not opened everything yet, all I have so far is a new optical mouse, a 10GB iPod, and a book on ancient Roman buildings.

Also got Sehnsucht and Mutter (Rammstein), $50, new socks, some stuff for my Italy trip in July (pocket dictionaries, grammar book, etc), and The Two Towers extended edition. Books: God Knows (Joseph Heller) and Sword of Shannara (author already forgotten).

No PSP8 :-(

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So far:

Tolkien Calendar for 2004 with illustrations by Ted Nasmith (new ones, with the dead army!!!!)

5 movie tickets (which I plan to use to get 5 seeings of the RotK)

A cube thing with colors but on a key chain



Skin Bracer After Shave


"The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth" by Robert Foster !!!!!!!

Call of Duty !!!!!!!!!!

Need for Speed Underground !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jelly Beans

4 Shirts


and a IOU for a 512mb usb pen drive!!!!!

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We opened our presents on Dec 25th, and I got:

$ - over $200 :brow:

Swiss Army knife (awesome one too!)

a set of Classical music CDs (Bach, Motzart, Beethoven, and Handel) - shared with bro

The Matrix on VHS :D - with The Matrix Revisited bonus tape

and finally.....wait for it:

a case of mini-Pringle's tubes to split with my bro!!!!!! LOL ;)

Awesome Christmas!!

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Now lets see here...


lap-top 0(don't know what kind because it's still shipping)

cell phone (shipping also)

bench press

punching bag




gift cards to best buy and blockbuster




1080: Avalanch for Gamecube

House of the Dead III for XBox

DVDs: Van Wilder, Bruce Almighty, X-2, and Pirates of the Carabean

311 CD


Madden 2004 for PS2

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I had a great Christmas. Got...

-Acoustic guitar

-LotR calendar

-Atlas of Middle Earth (Wahoo!)

-LotR soundtrack

-2 Beatles Anthologies

-Complete scores of every Beetles Song ever (now I'm a Beatles fan, I guess :brow: )

-Tons of books including Summa Theologica and Tale of Two Cities.

I had a great Christmas, and I'm happy now ;)!

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-Moccasins to wear around the house

-some shirts

-Maps of Middle-Earth, Beleriand, Numenor, and Wilderland/Thrors map (they are awesome and huge)

-Robert fosters complete guide to Middle earth

-Another copy of the Peoples of middle earth

-The 50th anniversery of LOTR Illustrted by Alan Lee

-A book about creating maps in Middle Earth( How tolkien made them that is)

-Hardcover version of the Hobbit

-socks and undies

-Barnes and Noble gift Certificate

-Denial Hoodie

-Mook Frames :brow:


-Insiders Skate Video which doesnt work on my computer or dvd player

-Chipotle Bucks...mmmm I can taste the goodness now


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For Christmas I got:

A Flintlock Rifle (a real one!!)

A Red Para beret

A Navy SEAL rapid repel GI Joe

A whole lotta clothes

Civilization III: Conquests

Rise of Nations

MOHAA: Breakthrough

MOHAA: Breakthrough Strategy Guide

and a book called "The Trimuph of Liberty"

yep yep yep yep I'm mighty happy :brow:

oops I forgot three :

A little hockey player

A glass Pyramid (sp)

and a Civil War calender (I like studying the Civil War)

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Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

Wheelock's Latin 6th edition (i was teaching myself with a library version before)

Friends Play Fisher Tull (very obscure CD, solo instrumental music of fisher tull - a saxophone piece I'm studying is on there [sarabande & Gigue])

Sonata (Opus 19) - Paul Creston (solo piece for E-flat alto saxophone)

yes, strange stuff.

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