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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting


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So, my dear brothers… It is with not only deep sorrow, but also with a certain shame, that I return here crying out for justice in a case that has definitely become too common.

There have been countless games in which I did allow this player to atone for his crimes for abandoning previous games, however he again repeated his dramatic mistake.ls

There were other incidents with the same player, but I will stick to the most recent (and distressing) games, who knows how to awaken in others the competitive and sporting spirit, thus discouraging such cowardly and recurring withdrawals.

The player I am referring to is called TUVIEJACONQUISTADORA, and I believe that the feeling that motivates me not to claim the previous matches is, in part, of gratitude for some lessons taken ... However, at this moment, he does not leave me with another alternative to solve - or minimize - this stalemate.

I provide this complaint to you @user1, and thank you in advance.

I hope to be able to attach the files with the evidence as soon as possible, I have an attachment quota problem.


2021-05-19_0008.tar.gz 2021-05-09_0002.tar.gz

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Attachment issue https://wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/40312-attachment-quota-issue/ appears to be solved (:
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@user1 I played a 1v1 rated game against VIABADIE a few days ago, and as soon as I got his (only) civ center, he ended the game (he was host). It was very clear I was going to win, and he quit the game immediately when I destroyed his civ center, so it's obvious that's why he quit.

MY ign is eTrey, and I would appreciate having a rating. Thanks.


 metadata.jsoncommands.txt(I know I don't need to upload both files, but it might help. I dunno.)

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@Kingfuzz - apparently if the game is set as “Endless” instead of “Conquest” points are not assigned even when it’s a rated game.

It’s not very clear, and an oversight on the game’s part as it still clearly says “Rated” at the bottom, so it’s very confusing.

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