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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting


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Hi, today on Daniel_kinq host i was 1vs1 with DoctorOrgans and when he lost he just left. his excuse was that i banned him on 1vs1 couple of weeks ago when he was dancing with hero after we agreed not to do that.i mean he didnt even win that game i just paused and asked him to stop 3 times and then when he kept doing that and ignoring my questions i closed the game on equality situation.

i want my points - no need to ban him tho.

@user1 @Hannibal_Barca @ffm 

Thanks, Wendy.


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my name : facts
offender's name: miviher

He resigned ( the replay says that) in a rated match ( the replay also says rated) but neither did I get any points nor did he lose any points. I think he figured out an exploit( or maybe it was a 0ad error) and managed to resign but not have points taken away. The commands.txt file states "rated"  and I am positive it was a rated game before starting but it also says he resigned (upon watching the replay again I noticed). I am quite confused. 

thank you

edit: he hosted the game , felt it was important to share



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Hello hello hello.

It's me again.

First serious ranked game in a24 and of course I'm crushing my enemy with Ibers elite cav(op). My opponent did not have the dignity to resign so he pretended internet drop and it disconnected me. It's second time when this noob is doing this kind of thing. There must be a punishment.

opponent name: Raffut1969

my name: Daniel_King




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what happens with the rating if

  1. hunterkilla818 was host  (we both with perfect internet connection)   and
  2. your opened hunterkilla818 leave the room

me: see
opened: hunterkilla818 :bash:

sadly i was not rated (game rate: ,"RatingEnabled":true). Nobody want loose against a very low rated player like me :( i

i got not rated :( i have double eco, double pop, double archer:


he came back later and won the game while i was not ther / not playing / such a ashole, wasn't there, when i wasn't there anymore!!!!!!! that's not how it works for me. sorry. but I won't play 0ad like this any more. come up with something. that I was cheating again




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