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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting

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Hello @user1,

Never reported anyone or any odd instances on 0AD, but just had something very odd happen, and I suspect foul play, although not sure if it can be proved or a rational alternative explanation found.

I just played a 2v2 team game. My immediate opponent was a player called sirpiente (1249). I thought the game was a just a bit laggy when he raided me with an attack dog, I seemed to be having issues selecting my troops, although control and framerate had been smooth up to that point. The dog retreated and things went back to normal, then I attacked him just over my border with a mass of slingers in a line. I cleared the immediate small number of troops and went to select my slingers to pull them back as his reinforcements turned up. At that point I was unable to select any units, although the game continued - it hadn't frozen or lagged, all the troops gathering resources continued, and the slingers kept firing. I was able to bring up the chat box with my return key, but couldn't type any text. The only things I could do were map movement and rotation functions with the mouse! As soon as his reinforcements killed all of my attacking slingers, control returned, literally as the last one fell! 

I went to chat and posted what happened for all players, to see if they'd been affected, and sirpentine replied with the phrase 'excuses.' 

He later quit the game with no explanation, but was still present in the lobby. Myself and my teammate asked him what he was playing at and he promptly left.

I don't want to cast aspersions but I think it was deeply suspicious. Hopefully the replay will hold some clues as to what happened.  



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i want my points - no need to ban him tho.

@user1 @Hannibal_Barca @ffm 

Thanks, Wendy.


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