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First Official Wfg Graphic Contest -- Ice Rose

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Okay so we have our first official graphic war then!

The Task

Take the following picture and make an ice flower out of it. The coolest looking entry will win.


What programs am I allowed to use ?

You are allowed to use ANY graphics program on this planet except 3d Model programs like 3DS Max or Maya.

Are there any other rules ?

Yes. Everybody is allowed to participate. Make sure you create an image out of the one above and that you don't change the canvas size or image dimensions. Also, you are not allowed to use any other independent image and let it, say, blend in or so. Only the functions of your program and the standard image above are allowed to be used.

Who judges and how do I submit ?

Judges will be Klaas and I. Please submit your entry along with your forum username to tim@0ad.wildfiregames.com .

What is the deadline like ?

Deadline for entries will be December 31st 2003. The winner will be announced on January 5th 2004.

What does the winner get ?

The winner wins 500 currency as well as a Graphic Contest Winner Avatar that he is allowed to "wear" until the occurence of a next graphic contest.


Now let's have some fun! Good luck everybody !

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