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'Very Easy = too hard' frustration.

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9 hours ago, DanW58 said:

2)  Deer have become hard to kill, to the point that my cavalry ends up galloping half way across the map before the deer dies, which is so far away it's not even worth processing the meat.  I manually sent my cavalry to kill a deer closer to the base, and the same thing happens again:  The deer escapes fast and its health comes down slowly and my cavalry ends up almost in enemy territory before the deer dies.  Had to give up on deer hunting altogether.  Which is actually okay;  I'm vegetarian, and I hate the obligation to play as if I'm not;  but according to the tutorial videos, hunting is mandatory...

5 hours ago, Stan` said:

2) You can build farms :) But yeah hunting is a bit harder. Is there something planned @Nescio
@Freagarach  @wraitii
(I mean other than the turrets patch where cavalry will be able to attack move)


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Perhaps someone can make a "Very Very Easy" mod.  There should also be an "Insane" difficulty level.

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