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hi all,

I had this idea, lets make a thread for map creators where they can get inspiration from. Many of you probably know alot about history especially around 0ad timeframe, and know about interesting battles that have happened or places to recreate. The idea is to share that information here, so that a map creator can pick it up and start working on it. To keep things clear with a nice overview it's probably best to use a format e.g.: 


Name: Battle of Thermopylae

Type: Historical Battle




Explain/describe what happened in this section / Unique details that you feel must be included /  Typical historical errors made by people (like spartans werent alone, they had allies with them, est around 7000 total)


If you wish to contribute i'm sure the map creators will be thankful, at the very least i am. Copy and paste the format from above and start sharing (Keep the comments/explanation in a spoiler tag please, for better readibility of the forum). Looking forward to learn some new history.

A few last notes.

  1. If you as a map creator decide to start working on one of the projects, please call it out in the comments section to prevent more than 1 person working on the same thing.
  2. If you decide to share a battle/historical place make sure your sources are solid, i learned from battle of thermopylae that alot of sources are not credible and often contradictory. Sometimes more than others you will get fed biased information/stories much like the spartans themselves did.
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26 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Seven Hills

The 7 hills of Rome and the Tiber River before the city was founded. The Fields of Mars (Campus Martius) and the area of the Forum should be marshy. The Tiber should have an island in it.


Have you got some sources/presentation to go with it? Otherwise i'll check when i'll have the time to do it. Thanks for sharing though :)

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I would love to have/make a map of the Roman Limes (border fortifications), with Romans on one side with fields and streets and Gauls/Britons/Germans on the other side in dark forests and swamps.


The borders had - depending on the stage -  earth walls, ditches and palisades with towers every few hundred metres. Also the River Rhine was part of it as a natural border.


The Roman Castra were also interesting. Many modern cities like Cologne or Trier originate from these. They also had earth walls/ palisades or stone walls and moats depending on the stage.


Unfortunately the barracks are not yet included in the game.


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hi @nifa, welcome and thanks for sharing! 

3 hours ago, nifa said:

I would love to have/make a map of the Roman Limes (border fortifications)

Does this mean you're already committed into making this map, or is it available for other map creators? 

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1 hour ago, Grapjas said:

Does this mean you're already committed into making this map, or is it available for other map creators? 

It's available, so far I only tried out some setups with earth walls and palisades like in the picture above. I'm not sure if or when I'll be able to actually create a whole map

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The location of the upper germanic rhaetian limes between Rhine and Danube against germanic tribes


The different stages of the Limes:

1. just a road with wooden watch towers inbetween forest

2. Palisades and wooden watch towers

3. palisades and watch towers of stone

4. ditch, earth wall and watch towers of stone





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