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ETH Poll #5 - Fears And Phobias

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Ok, I know those are only a few too list. But if you have one that's not on there you can just pick from those or null your vote and state your fear. I tried to come up with broad catagories, so that if someone is afraid of Aliens he could choose Animals/Creatures.

Anyway, feel free to express all your fears, I promise I will remember them if we ever meet :P

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I voted for Disease/Pain, mainly because of Pain. I find myself in many many situations pondering if it would hurt. I guess if an Alian approaches me (those from the Alien movies) I would try my best to force him to kill me quickly because I hate the idea of pain. That's what scares me about wars, being left somewhere with your guts spilt out!!! :P

And doesn't have to be really real pain, just something that looks like it should hurt! Like electric chair or something! Argh!

Oh, one thing I forgot to put there was water/drowing, I guess that's actually my worse fear... oh well, too late now. But from those the ones I can say I do not fear are: Heights (bit nervous but don't fear), Closed Spaces (again, nervous uncomfortable but no real fear), Flying, Crime/Violence (not much anyway)...

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I voted heights because I have reasons for all of the other ones:

Death - I'm a Christian, so that's the gateway to a new life

Disease/Pain - see above, its part of the trip

Darkness - same things that are in the light are there in the dark, plus just eat lots of carrots :P

Closed Spaces- there is always a way out....

Animals/Creatures - My family has 2 dogs, 2 cats, and something like 12 fish, plus I've raised chickens and looked after neighbor's pigs, chickens, turkey's, cows, and horses in the past. Plus I've had close encounters with bears and moose.

Flying - my dad owns an airplane and I've loved flying for as long as I can remember....

Crime/Violence - I study karate (wouldn't mind trying it out :P) and see "Death"

Social Situations - I really don't give a fig what people think of me, if you don't like it, too bad for you! :P

Loved Ones Dying - see "Death"

I chose Height because its the one on the list that I like the least, but its better now (worked on a guys house on a scaffold for 2 weeks this fall)

Now one thing I really hate is FIRE! I don't know why, its so volatile, I think that's what I don't...Plus I've had to fight at least 3 fire situations, so that colors my vision! LOL

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Paul, you stole my idea! Oh well, I'll do it anyways :P

Death - Like Paul, death is almost better than life, what can be better than a perfect eternity?

Disease/Pain - I've never really had a disease, but I've been in pain and accidents before, so it's not a real fear

Darkness - Hey, I'll walk around the house when its pitch black :P

Heights - Various things like repelling have calmed my height fear, but there's still a tingle when I'm up 100 ft in the air on that roller coaster.

Closed Spaces - I've stuck myself in those cabinets under your sink (playing a Hide-and-seek type game) so it doesn't really bother me

Animals/Creatures - This is probably my 2nd fear, although I don't know as I've never been in a situation with a real ferocious animal. I used to be freaking afraid of dogs, but now that we have one, I don't mind them at'all.

Flying - Never flown (airplane or hang glider) before, but I'd like to go on a plane flight. Now skydiving is something you'll never get me to do :P

Crime/Violence - this is what I put for my vote, but I'm more afraid of it happening to other people than to I (my sisters, etc)

Social Situations - I tingle at some social situations, but generally I enjoy it

Loved Ones Dying - I've lost my best friend, but I barely cried at his funeral, etc., as I knew he was a Christian, so there's really no reason to weep, but if anything, to rejoice that he's in Heaven.

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