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<Undeletable>true</Undeletable>, re: Foundations

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2 hours ago, Freagarach said:

In templates/special/filter/foundation.xml one can change the undeletable flag:

  <Identity merge=""/>


  <Identity merge="">

But it might be that when the hammer touches the foundation (i.e. the foundation is committed) it still is deletable then.

Thank you. The "ideal" threshold might be 50% finished or 1% finished or 99% finished. Your solution looks like it'll make the threshold 99% which is okay to me for now, but others might want something more comprehensive. 

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15 minutes ago, wraitii said:

Are you talking about the "virtual" foundation that doesn't block movement? That's in "construction.xml", not foundation.xml

Right, but I'd rather let the player the ability to delete it up to 99% completion (after thinking about it a bit) so foundation.xml works fine. If I change my mind back I'll switch it to construction.xml. :) 

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