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Your Dream Game

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If you had the ability to make your dream game, what would it be? What features would it have? What other people would make it? What would you call it? What ground will it break?

I would make a FPS like Battlefield 1942, except it takes place in modern time. It would support 1000 people on each side, allow you to drive vehicles, and most of all, place an emphisis on infratry(sp?) combat, something I think BF42 somewhat lacks.

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Well, to be more realistic: TLA (but no restrictions)

But my dream game would be a FPS, would need to handle and be clear and fit like Halo's interface/setting but in modern day urban settings, scratch that: exact simulations of real cities. New York, all of it. It would handle sort of like GTA3, you're in the underground world of crime. Cars, realistic crashes (a car is not a single model, but a collection of models, each part of the car (tire, exaust pipe, hand brake...etc is a single model) and when you crash the engine realistically applies force/impact to each model and each has a set strength to tell if it breaks and flies off or not. The story would be choice, everything you do affects the game (I know, the common idea these days but I haven't seen it fully implemented). I mean, if you need money you can rob a bank (there'd be hundreads of ways of doing that), mug random ppl (tens of ways), work (every real life job, though not all avaiable at once). The other feature, the real selling feature (and impossible as well) is AI. I would want an AI, which you could sit down, type a message with the keyboard, the AI would understand it and reply. Every door can be entered, if locked it can be forced, if too hard it can be blown up. The story would begin with a simple life in crime, then it would escalate to some type of conspiracy (story not developed, yet). And this game would not be held back by ethical issues: profanity where appropriate, nudity where appropriate (not porno, but like a R rated movie...), violence and drug use where appropriate. Basically, if it fits there, it's there.

Ummm, good to dream eh?

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My dream game would the best game ever. First of all, only I could be able to beat (meaning I'd be the best at it). Second, would involve lots of hot girls, guns, and bombs. Next, it would have different missions, so some would be a FPS and others you would be street racing and stuff like that. Next, it would be extremely realistic. THe game would also contain many really, really nice cars that you get tp keep. And the ultimate mission would be to rule the universe :) (meaning some levels would involve you going into space). It would be kind of like a mix of Halo and GTA III and Vice City.

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I have quite a few "perfect games" in mind... Here's one:

The Star Wars Saga

A Real Time Strategy First Person Role Playing Game. Muahahahaha!!!

Basically it starts at Episode I and takes you straight through to Episode VI.

In this game you can jump at-will between any of the main characters on either the Good side or Dark side. You can change camera views from 1st person to 3rd person (adventure). You can jump into any vehicle or ship and pilot it like a simulation game or like Red Squadron II. You can command squadrons of ground troops, a squad of X-Wings, or whole armies and fleets in RTS view.

All this in one game.

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