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Random player position with already existing CC


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    Engine.CameraMoveTo(1000, 800); <-- should be correct, but doesnt work. Gives back 'CameraMoveTo is not a function' even though it's literally used this way in other scripts, like your monitor mod but also in vanilla. Must be a root level issue.

    QueryPlayerIDInterface(1).SetStartingCamera(1000, 0); <-- Throws no errors but doesnt do anything either. 

Do you maybe have ideas on how i could manipulate where i want the camera to be? It's my only issue left right now with this mod.


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4 minutes ago, Grapjas said:

Yeah i figured. Does this mean what i'm trying to do is impossible though? Repositioning the camera in whatever way? Kinda would make this entire project useless tbh..

No. What you want to do is entirely supported.

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