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Greetings My Lords...

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Hey Guys,

I was doing some research on The Last Alliance battle and found this site.

I must say you guys are doing some great work... and releasing it as freeware too ! WoW :).

Oh, where are my manners!

I'm Talos. I design maps for Stronghold and Crusader. I'm a map designer at Woad Creations and Blackstorm Inventions...

I'm also part of the staff at Stronghold-Knights...

I am a big Tolkien fan and i've made 3 maps based on LOTR (the movies)...

My latest map for Stronghold was released last week, and it has just recieved 4 ratings of perfect 5.0s each at Stronghold Heaven !

Don't believe me ? Check it out here... It is now right on top of the Best of Stronghold List.

Also got 3 ratings of perfect 10/10 each here at Stronghold Knights


Hornburg Screenshot

If you think this looks good... wait till you see the AI in action !

Anyway, enough harping about me :D...

Once again, keep up the good the work :).



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Thank you one and all for your Warm Welcome :).

Hey Talos!  Have you read any other Tolkien books besides LOTR?

Yes, besides LOTR (which I must've read half a dozen times :)) i've finished the Silmarillion (which is why i'm so excited about you guys doing TLA !) and i'm about to start Unfinished Tales.


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