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An Introduction

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Greetings people,

I, as you may have already noticed, am SoggyFrog. My roots in the RTS community stem from Through The Ages, and generally, the Ogre's Network on the whole. I own Age of Kings, The Conqueror Expansion, Empire Earth, Age of Mythology, The Titans Expansion, and Rise of Nations, among other games.

While I did at some point have the Rome modpack for AoK on my computer, my first real knowledge of WildFire Games is from a Private Message at TTA I recieved yesterday, detailing interest in me as a moderator :woot: . So there you go, I'm going to be a moderator :P

I personally have no knowledge in working on games or modpacks ;) (though in the last few days I have been making games on a friend's graphing calculator :D ) but in any case WFG's projects look pretty interesting :ph34r:

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Parents tell me not to give my name out so I won't. I would assume you are all good people but it's better to be safe.

Anyways, I'm 14, I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and aside from using the computer I'm also in the Cadets program here. It's not a full time thing here, just 3 - 6 hours a week plus some extra things like summer camps. I know some PHP and a fair bit of HTML, and right now the games I'm into are Rise of Nations or Age of Mythology when I have the time (I'm the the Flying Purple Hippos clan for AoM). I listen to classical music or Matthew Good :)

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