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I'm still learning how to drive. In that case in Belgium you have to put a blue sticker with L on it on the back of your car. The purpose of the L is that other drivers know you're a student and to make sure they're for example not driving to close to you. The problem is that most think it's an excuse to cut me off or to leave me no space on small roads and such.

What I also don't like (and it's always people driving in a Mercedes or BMW) is people driving too fast (we have strict limits here). But the worst thing is people who are driving while being drunk.

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Impatience. Bursting into a cacophany of horn blasts at the slightest impetus, for example if you delay a nanosecond when the light changes to green, or ... God forbid ... drive at the speed limit.

I've recently passed my test, so I still have some bad habits of legality and sensible driving that I need to overcome.

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Yes, the honking of the car horn for *hesitating* at a green light. Always irritates. It never happens *to* me, but I feel bad for people it happens to.

People cutting me off is okay. I do it a lot on the highway, but people who cut you off and then slow down... what is that about? Or people that cut you off, then give you the finger. WTF

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I hate the nonstop honking. And when people are honking at, purposely speed up, and give you the finger for no reason at all. Then the person driving the car you're in decides to give the birdy to the person that just gave it to him. Then your car breaks the speed limit and gives the guy the birdie. And it never stops. It's a vicious cycle.

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Well, one thing that pisses me off is when ppl who have the right of way don't use it, instead they mention for you to go.

1.) I can't easily see if you're mentioning for me to go.

2.) Not everyone is as nice and let's me go, and it confuses me.

3.) Just follow the freaking rules!

Oh, btw... try following someone around. I sometimes tag ppl, just follow them down a few turns and soon they'll start acting weird. I actually at one point spent close to 10 minutes following this guy around Wal-Mart going into parking lots and out, all trying to lose me :ph34r:

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Quit moaning.

I should listen to myself more. My apologies for that post; I really can get extraordinarily grumpy sometimes, and this week has been worse than most. Still need to learn to rise above the irritations of life, and not get sucked down by them. Another New Years Resolution, maybe ..

1. Acquire Zen powers.

2. Quit smoking.

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You're going through a lot at the moment, Rich. In fact, some of the most stressful and unfamiliar situations we can encounter (new job, new town, new home) are hitting you all at once. So it's perfectly understandable. And I can't deny that the occasional inconvenience from our co-drivers is insignificant compared to the convenience and freedom of actually being able to drive to our destinations.

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Other cars that almost ride on top of your back bumper, going 70 MPH down the highway.... especially when they see they you can't merge, because there's an 18-Wheeler SEMI in the way.

My situation was like this:








The semi was going 70+ (!!!) and so was I and my "attacker." So, basically I was stuck next to the semi for 20 seconds while I passed it. The whole time this guy (in a LEXUS, seems like its always someone with a LEXUS or SUV) was driving less than a meter behind me.... desperately trying to get me to speed up.

* So, the moment I could finally safely merge into the slow lane in front of the semi I did merge... but not before SLAMMING on my breaks to send my attacker a message. He apparently didn't see me do this in time and nearly slammed into my rear bumper... so he had to slam his breaks (how much I reeeeeelly wanted to scratch his new Lexus). This pisses him off something fierce, so when I finally merge over he speeds up to 85MPH, then cuts right in front of me and slams on his breaks. Of course I had to slow down too, but not nearly like what I did to him. He threw me the finger, then sped off at 80MPH +. Now this was all happening in a 65MPH zone. I was laughing the whole time. It surely got my adrenaline pumping. :)

* Do not try this at home.

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