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Funniest Websites

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I thought it'd be cool if we could compile a list of some of our favorite websites with humour and things like that on them.

T3h List0r

Albinoblacksheep Home to some of the best flash animations (such as Colin Mocrie vs Jesus H. Christ) on the net. One of my personal favorites.

Ebaums World The one. The only. Even though most of it's material is from other places on the web, it's still got some good stuff. Like it's movies. Prank calls too. Oh yeah and the images as well.


Something Awful A very funny place, with alot of, erm... "adult humour" :ph34r:. It's photoshop friday sections are have some of the funniest photoshop work ever, this site is great. If you've got alot of free time, I suggest going to the RomPit

The best page in the universe - and the title doesn't lie. Read about societies, pressing issues. And also the rambles and rants of Maddox.

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