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Models Of Wfg ?

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As u know im a modeler....not a good one but gets better for every day...

And i like to watch other gams/mods model....

Was infiltrating the hole WFG site for renders...found 4 i think...they look darn good ;) BTW there stood hi-poly...but how hi ?

and have u more renders of ur work soo i can see....maybe a model wire ?

Hope its ok i ask WFG for this.... :ph34r:


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Yeah sorry, our new 0 A.D. page doesn't have many of our old artwork up because practically none of it will be used in the game. We initially planned to do a 2D/3D hybrid game engine, but now we are going full 3D. So lots of our old work now goes in the circular file.

I found our old news page here:


You can see some more of a few of the old renderings. If you pick one you like, I could search my HD for the max file and show you a wire view of it - if I still have it. 'hi-poly' means anything that doesn't fit in a low poly game :ph34r: So, for buildings that would mean over 500 polys. Those buildings probably ranged from 2,000 to 25,000 polys. Way to many for a real-time 3D game.

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