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Celebrity Women

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I am using Rachel Wiesz as the model for a character in my "Athens" screenplay: Harmonia - Ephesean hetaerae, concubine of Aristides (model: Jude Law). :)

For some reason I think Cate Blanchett is one of the most beautiful women in the world. It's not like she has that great of a bussom, curves, legs, or anything. Don't know what it is about her... she's so ethereal. Maybe it's her voice or the way she carries herself. She's my model for Athena in the same screenplay.

Ashley Judd's got that small town beauty queen charm.

Claire Forlani has those exotic eyes and quiet sophistocation. The model for Delphic Oracle.

I've had a thing for Winona Ryder since her "Beatlejuice" and "Heathers" days. The petite features. The pixie haircut.

Edit @King Tut: Sorry dude. I think Cameran Diaz looks like an anorexic froglet; acts like one too. I can supply pics for the rest of the ladies to help you make up your mind though. :P

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Here's a bit of advice for everyone:

If you don't know anything about the poll choices ( in any poll, not just this one ), then don't vote. Your votes skew the results. Just ask before you vote. For instance, if you don't know 75% of the women on this poll, just ask me to post a picture. Not too difficult. This advice goes for every other poll in in these discussion forums.

This particular poll is trivial, but people just keep on voting nonsense in this forum's polls when they don't know anything about the subject at hand or the poll choices.

That's all. Rant over. :)

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Kate Beckinsale is pretty nice looking too, but there are only so many poll choices I can put. ;)

Does anyone think she's being hopelessly type-cast though? First, a Werewolf killer in "Underworld," and now a vampire killer in "Van Helsing"? lol

I have seen the first film, not so bad actually (though it could have been a lot better). I didn't see the second, care to enlighten me ?^^

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Nicole Kidman ... in The Others or in Cold Mountain ... very classy ;) or in Eyes Wide Shut (very naked !!!!)

Apart for those, I really like Keira knightley ... some of you may know her. She played in Bend it like Beckham oh, and I forgot ... she played in Pirates of the Carribean ... :ph34r:

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