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How Many Pets?

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A dog and a pigeon.

When we were still living in Schiedam, we had 2 pigeons, a cage (room size) filled with birds (about 15 of them), 2 rats and a rabbit. Before we had the rats, we had desert rats, but those sucked since they were completely a-social and disliked all contact with anyone :P They also died rather fast. The real rats were much better, they liked sitting on your shoulder. That was cool, unless of course they left something behind on your shoulder :)

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Yep, my dad used to be a farmer, so we had lots of animals (we only sold eggs from our chickens though, the rest was for pleasure, and the sheep for meat for our family). We used to have many race chickens, all kind of special ones. You know, those very small ones, or those with feathers on their feet.

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yep horses definitely rule :)

my wife lived on a farm when she was young - but her father sold it (that dumb***). so last year i took pity (or better was persuaded) and granted her this big wish of owning her personal horse.

the thing is ... the horse was already pregnant - only then no one knew - seems like some enterprising stallion made a romp over some obstacles (fences, streets ...) and visited the farm where our horse-to-be was held and sort of "introduced" himself on her :P

the result was my little colt being born this year on April 12th. so its my job now to teach the young one some manners. i've got a good mentor at the stable where our horses are. he just finished working and educating his 4 year old stallion - did all by himself - and he's now teaching me the way to gain enough trust and respect from the horse, so that we have a fulfilling man-horse relationship. in time my Chirin will come to me by a mere whistle. currently she comes to me (sometimes :P ) at a mere wave of hand ... but i'm learning - and so is she

all in all - a wonderful relaxing hobby



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