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Favorite LoTR Movie Sword

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Has Theoden's sword, as Elf asked. Many other swords, axes, bows, etc., from the movies.

I've got a knockoff version of Aragon's sword, the one before the reforging of Narsil ($40 instead of $240 :P), so i'm voting for that one. Glamdring is pretty cool, it'd be my second choice.

BTW, whats the difference between Anduril and Narsil? - edit, CO posted right before me :)

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Glamdring! all the way ... pure elegance and it was the sword of Turgon (King of Gondolin) !

btw ... i was able to inspect many many swords at a very close range (~ 1 ft distance when i was almost pressing my nose against the glass of the exhibit-showcase) during my visit at the LotR-Exhibit in London

the movies DON'T do the props justice ... every piece is crafted w/ extreme love for detail

i'll list some of the swords/weapons displayed there

* Glamdring

* Shards of Narsil

* Herugrim

* Elronds Sword (later also used by Arwen *ahem*)

* Aeglos (Gil-galad's Spear !!!)

* Aragorn's (Ranger) Sword

* Sting

* Gimli's Axes (all 5 of them)

* Legolas' Daggers (and Bows)

* Boromir's Sword

* Saurons Mace

* Elven Daggers (given to Merry & Pip)

* various Orc-scimitars

* Uruk Swords (single hand and the T-Sword w/ a whopping length of 1,5m)

* Elven 2Handers (from the Prologue)

* Gondorian 2nd & 3rd Age Swords

* various Rohirrim Swords

and thats just the weapons :)



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*drools on Enarwaen*

eeewww :) *wipes it off*

well it WAS cool ... but all too short ... you are done w/ the exhibition after around 2 hours ... and thats virtually nothing compared to the stuff they hoard in some warehouses back in NZ

btw - i heard a report last week that PJ and Richard Taylor (WETA boss) plan to make a permanent exhibition in Wellington NZ ... hmmm another good excuse to go there :P

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