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What Scares You The Most About The Future ?

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I am not getting enough enthusiasm for my career (Biology), also I am getting not so good grades and I doubt I will ever work on something related to what I am studying, I am just not interested enough.

Btw, maybe when I finish this I will start History and work at the same time :)

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I dont think intelligiance is measured by letters.

That is very true Matt. Nice provoctive thinking!

Anyway, probally with terrorists being more persistant than before, a neo-nuclear war is a possibility.(I hope not)

Machines are getting smarter and smarter, and they will eventully control a lot of everyday things. The wrong person could easily usurp that information from you.

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I'm not scared of grades, don't even study for test and get As or above.

I'm not scared of choosing a career, for now it's Game Design and Writing.

I'm not scared of AI machines, that might actually lead to cool Matrix moves!

I'm not scared of the downfall of society, if they go down then I will appear to go up!

I guess the things I'm afraid of (that come to mind) is death (yea, I'm scared of it... or rather the form of death, say I drown :)) and not accomplishing what I want to (make games, write novels, direct a movie maybe and destroy every gun in the world, sending ppl back to axes and swords) oh, and of Return of the Ring sucking.

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Heh, death is the most un-scary thing ever :) Well, because you'll be dead before you even know that you're dead. Not being able to do what you want to do would be a better subject, I would be scared of loosing my comptuer or internet connection, then I couldn't do many things that I would like to do.

Return of the Ring sucking.

That would be on the top of my list too :)

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The possibility of something bad happening to my beautiful son.

Somebody figuring out how to create a new virus.

You KIDS taking over the world. You know who you are, you Damien-OMEN mofos! (if you understand my reference here, kudos!) One day technology will be so advanced that a teenager will wake up one morning, feel depressed because his girly-friend dumped him, and then decide he's going to kill himself and the rest of the world with him. How do we control such power? Biological, Genetic, Software, WMDs. It'll be so easy to make this happen some day soon (within your lifetimes).

One theory for the reason we don't have evidence of alien life on other worlds is because once a civilization gains a certain level of knowledge and technological know-how it self destructs. Scary stuff.

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