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Collection of configuration changes which makes you game play better/faster

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Hello, this was inspired by aow (my best hatter) and i want to contribute community little bit more then hating each others. So there are usefull tweaks collected over time which should makes your gaming skill little better. (you can add your tips too)

So fist lets talk about user.cfg configuration file modifications:

1) Very first change user should do is changing attackmove* hotkey to not blindly attacking buildings but only units.

So default setting is like this:

attack = Ctrl                              ; Modifier to attack instead of another action (e.g. capture)
attackmove = Ctrl                     ; Modifier to attackmove when clicking on a point
attackmoveUnit = "Ctrl+Q"      ; Modifier to attackmove targeting only units when clicking on a point (should contain the attackmove keys)

very recommended is to swap hotkeys for attackmove and attackmoveUnits, there is no other way then edit file manually

2) I'm  not seeing attacking units hidden in the forest
silhouettes = "true" ; having this is best practice no not overlook opponent behind another objects. (you can set it also in game options menu/graphics section)

3) Camera tricks
default scroll speed is too low 

view.scroll.speed = "250"            ; default is 120

always hate to start game with zoomed to cc and and later changing it to get more area visibility?
zoom.default = 200                      ;default is  120

4) do you think good players using high gfx details? No, until they have very top hardware but still is better to have much faster responses later in game (as higher population etc)

(all this can be set also from game options menu)
you can check how it helps in term of FPS in game {alt+f turn on/off FPS box}

watereffects = "false"
shadows = "false"
showsky = "false"
particles = "false"
fog = "false"


Later on I will post article how to utilize autociv to get much more hotkey benefit.


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6 hours ago, sarcoma said:


view.zoom.min = "3"
view.zoom.max = "900"


Problem with zoom max is that you have great visibility but very slow speed of response while more units. It is good for making screenshots but not for play ability at all. maybe im wrong .-) 

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For some reason i am not able to change the hotkeys for attackmove & for the idle worker selection. It doesnt matter If i put:

hotkey.session.attackmoveUnit = "Ctrl"

hotkey.selection.idleworker = "Period"

in the user.cfg or in the local.cfg it will not work. But all other hotkeys that i changed in there do work...

Does anyone has an Idea why that may be?

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