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My Katana Came Today :d

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Well I've started my hopefully future sword collection with a hand-made WWII Japanese katana or long sword. Its 34.5 inches long, with a blade all of 27.5 inches, with a copper and wood scabbard. I'm so psyched about it :P One nice little thing is the tsuba (or hilt) has the silhouette of a crane :P

Here's a pic:


I love it and hopefully I can scratch some $ together to get a Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Saber to go with it :P;)

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Lol yeah :P I did paste it on (after HTML didn't work, shoulda known :(:P) but didn't check to see if it HTML-ized itself :P

Thanks :P It really is something to hold an old weapon....Where has it been?....Who had it?...Who made it?

BTW, does anyone around here read Japanese? There is writing on the blade and the scabbard that I would dearly love to know the meaning of :P;)

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Thanks :P Same here ;) Another sword I am really wanting to get is a Chinese dao or a Persian shamshir (so awesome if it was Damascus steel :P )

Oh gladius!! I love that thing, I really should get one. I really would love to join a Roman reenacting group. Does anyone here do that? Not necessarily Roman but reeancting of history in general?

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I got it offa E-bay from a guy in Ontario, but after some further research on the following website:


I found out that it is a cheap modern Chinese reproduction ;) oh well it makes for a good discussion piece and I can use it in karate! I'm not sore, just a little miffed, but oh well. What really tipped me off was that the pic of the top sword on that page has the EXACT same characters on the scabbard that mine does LOL

New Rule Learned: Research everything and don't pay attention to E-Bay auction deadlines :P

BTW, copy the URL to get it

Oh and roger on the emoticons. Why is that? Space?

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Don't mind at all :P Actually it put me back about $190 US, not bad since that's what you'll pay for a replica anyway, a relatively cheap replica too :P

What I should have done was a bit more reading ;) But in any case I still like it and think it is great! No i need to go build a suit of armor around it!

*goes of to begin sketching*

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