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Next-generation Tvs

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Well, I must say when it comes to the living room part of the house my technology knowledge really falls (still above the average person I think, but at least there are a lot more experts than me)

But, well, a friend of mine got himself a 50" Projection TV. He hooked it up and it seems blurry to me (he ignores it, after spending 1500 $ or + it's hard to accept something is wrong, I know the feeling). But anyway, I have a chance to get a really good deal on a 42" Projection TV ($ 200-300) but the fact is: What are the advantages, why does it seem blurry for my friend.

Is there anyone with any experience so that I know what to check when I get a chance to see if this TV is what I want? I mean, I know Plasma TVs are much better than anything, but that comes with a price. Now I have a feeling there's a huge difference between HD and Projection, and just want to know what should I do or check up on?

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300 dolars is a great deal for a projection television. But is it in good condition, and waht features does it have? For a new television i sugest getting a projection with HDTV on the label, because in teh year of 2006 all brodcasts wil be digital. The HD's are very high quality,a dn have gone down a lot in price. The problem with plasma's is the price. They do look nice and neat, but some have limited viewing angles. See, not all projection are HD, only the good ones are. HD means high defination, so it is better for teh new type of sign al that will be coming soon and also plays normal TV great as well

In PCWorld newest issue, there is great article compring all of teh different TV's.

here is is:

Plasma 3000-30000 42"-61"

LCD 4000-6000 30"-60"

rear pro. DLP 4000-5000 43"-61"

digital projectors 1000-12500 box projector

Hope this helps!

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