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Stalker - Oblivion Lost

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This game looks awesome, it's could really give HL2 a run for it's money...

Some parts of the game look even better than HL2, this and HL2 are probably the most shader intense games coming up.


I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves.






It's quite something, I'm really looking forward to this game.

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Yep, those do look good. I'd say they are shooting for different things:

HL2 is going for physics and interactivity while this seems to be going for stunning pictures and open-ended? But really, I wouldn't rule out (graphically) Doom 3 out. Anyway, thanks for alerting me to this, I had never heard of it (or I heard, never saw anything to get me interested)

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Yeah, HL2 is aiming for drama in a story, while this one is sticking to the player to develop their own emotions as they play. Either way they've both got great stories and plots. I just watched some Physics demo movies of Stalker and it's just as good as HL2, if not better. Stalker is alot more believable though, based on the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion in 1986.

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After watching 6 trailers, I got to say this has nothing on Half Life 2...

Don't get me wrong, this is a great game but in moving video it does not compare to HL2 (imo). The physics are limited, they have models reactions and stuff but not to the degree HL2 takes it.

But I do like the concept of this game, and will most likely buy it. Though the trailers seemed quite empty, perhaps that will add to the freakiness and nervousness...

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I just finished reading every peice of interview/article/preview I could find on Stalker, I watched all trailers I could remember and I have a slightly different view from my earlier post:

It look great, the technology behind it looks way less that other FPS that will be coming out but the concept and depth is much more. I mean, I didn't know about Chernobyl so that is a nice feature I hadn't noticed. Overall, I can say I've been waiting a long time for a game like this, complete freedom yet the world is not custom fit for you, you have to adapt.

The only other game I thought gave me this, was Tresspasser (which I don't care what ppl think, is an awesome game). It felt like you were there, more of a simulation than a game, which I hope this will turn out to be.

One thing, have you heard a release period (I hate saying release date).

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June 2004, they say.

Yeah at first I thought it was just trying to make a score with all their Shaders (when I first heard of it and saw screens), then I checked later on and it looked even better (screens above), then I read a bunch about how the game is (multiplayer will rock), then I watched some trailers, learned about Chernobyl (I knew about it before, but i didn't "know" about it) and concluded that this game kicks @#$%, it's got a nice conspiracy storyline (with plans for Chernobyl-2 with the russians sending radio waves to mess with people, this was an actual conspiracy theory and it's in the game too) and RPG/FPS. It's very original and it's got alot of stuff to compete with HL2. Unless HL2's doing some original stuff too, not just technologicaly.

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