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Ratings Disputes and Offence Reporting

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Hi again @user1, Today I played a 1v1 against Ajan2017. It was a pretty good battle and after I destroyed his army + fort he said "GG" and left without resign. Its not needed but here a screen fr

Played a game today vs Juaraca. He quited while I destroyed his CC and army. commands.txt Little time ago, I played a game vs Goldenarches. I won the game but didnt get any points because he

@user1 Was playing with daniel10030  my user PurpleMotion I wasn't even attacking him, infact he was attacking me, or a base i was setting up, asked me to ceasefire for a minute way int

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Hi @user1

I played against andremf, and at some point during the game when I was winning I see him as gone offline, he didn't resign and I got no points for the game. 

Please let me know if you need anything else. Would like the points as I managed to get them against a high rated player. 

my lobby username: ishaan777

played against : andremf


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Forgot to add my username
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hey there,

I was playing today a rated game and the other player ended the game. I have screenshots. On replay I tried looking for the path but there is no 0AD folder in Application Support so I can t find the commands txt.

Goldlotux(ME) vs Wilsonao

What shall I do?

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Hello @user1,

I am `adrien2p` I would like to report `Ajan2017`.

This player, instulted me, and put the game in pause. Asking me to resign other wise he will keep the game paused. This situation happened as soon as I have started my attack on the opponent.

You will find in the attachments, the Command.txt and some screen shots.


Thank you in advance,

PS: Will I loss my ranking points and not get any ranking points from that game ?

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 14.24.30.png

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 14.24.41.png


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Hi @user1

Reporting AaronGreen001 for pausing a 1v1 game for too long than he promised.
He felt the defeat and he paused promising to come back in 10 mins.
20 mins'd passed - no response from him.

Feature request:
Looks like 0ad devs should consider setting limits for pausing.
For example, u can pause the game once in a battle to no more than 5 mins.
Then it will automatically resume.


metadata.json commands.txt

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Hello there! 


I was playing a ranked 1v1 with user 'UWND', my game login is 'DaveTheBrave'.

UWND is a much higher in ranking than me and he told me not to leave the game (he was so sure of his win)... but in last few minutes he said 'sorry, I have work i need to leave' and he just left without resigning...


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My name: ishaan777

Offending player: jangers

Jangers (the host) abused me several times and eventually disconnected the game since I did an early rush on him.

Of course at this time the game was not won but I was hampering his ability to get resources and this pissed him off enough to disconnect the game. 


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