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Is there a way to disable "human" Gaia units in multiplayer?

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Hello everyone!

My friends and I discovered this game recently, and we're really liking it! Except for one aspect.

We loaded a multiplayer map - 3 players, all fighting against each other - and we started collecting our resources, to prepare for battle against each other. Suddenly we were attacked by enemy human units called "Gaia" (they looked like tribes, if i remember correctly). They kept attacking us and it really got into the way of us enjoying that game.

Is there a way to play a map, without these Gaia human units? Or are these found only in particular maps? We just want us to be the only players in the map. If doing so requires changing something in the code, I don't mind doing that either. I would appreciate any help or guidance regarding the same.

Thank you all!

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Hey there you probably were playing Brittanic Road which has extra gaia units 

You can make a mod to edit that map and remove the units or you can look at other maps :)

in the random category which is actually procedural you will find a lot of generic map that support any number of players from 1 to 8 :)

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36 minutes ago, Stan` said:

You can make a mod to edit that map and remove the units or you can look at other maps

Hi Stan, thanks for replying! I will check that out!

3 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Gallic Fields maybe? 

You're right, the map we were playing is "Gallic Fields (3)". I assume this is a feature in the map. We'll try the other maps, or I'll see if I can mod it, so it doesn't spawn those enemy units.

Thank you for the help! 

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