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what qualifies a player to be titled?bronze,silver,gold ect

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what rating clacifies a player for a "medal"?

im gonna say 2200(actual rating)+ for gold 

theres huge difference between 1700,1800,1900 but for some reason im guessing anyone above 1700 would be considered silver? or is it 1600?


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Ratings are useless to measure a players tier.

Basically you're looking for tiers where players are of comparable strength, and where a tier below defeating one above is a surprising upset (or ptols v kush xD).

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rating would work only if all games got rated .-) as now you can avoid or chose opponent and it is limited to 1vs1 you can be easily beaten by 900 player and you can most likely beat 1700. but in general higher rank shows better player quality as it needs more time to fake it. So anything 1700+ can be reliable expect players like Arkhipov :* which in this case usually plays only his presets.

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On 7/28/2020 at 4:55 AM, go2die said:

rating would work only if all games got rated

Most players are casual, it would not be nice for them to have a rating change applied for each game.

There are no easy solutions I can think of as we don't have competitive community big enough to create some kind of ladder matchmaking.

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