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14 minutes ago, Angen said:

technically yes, it does not know that town_phase_athen is just for athenians if not stated in requirements, so since it is autoresearch, it applies it across civs

I thought that was what the _athen suffix was for in the tech filename. Other parts of the UI knows that that means. *shrugs* :) I've started fixing it to your suggestion and it is working as you say. (y) 

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11 hours ago, Carltonus said:

Captured horse's mane issue:

I don't know how to fix that one. Perhaps someone else has some insight. Probably a variant issue.


11 hours ago, Carltonus said:

The Scythian training ground cannot garrison archers, therefore no experience trickle. Archery ranges and stables for other factions do not produce experience as well, is this intentional and will be removed from the barracks?

Yeah, I wasn't aware that garrison effect was still there. Intended to be removed. 

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