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0 A.D 1v1 World Cup Tournament July

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In special commemoration of the first broadcast game from the tournament, 0AD Newbie Rush have produced a special one-off collectible T-Shirt 

Hello, I have been connected these days and I haven't seen MarcAurel connected, so I do not know if we will play before tomorrow. @badosu is aware of my situation referring to work so I guess we

Some suggestions: Seeding: - Players need to register (or provide as nick) their 0ad names, so we are able to provide a better balance - The best x players (where x is the number of groups) wi

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Hello Folks, the Final Stage is Open, I'd like to remind you of the rules:

  • Each player bans one civ globally (ban applies to both), higher rated bans first
  • They start picking 3 civilizations, higher rated picks first, 2nd player picks 2 then 1st player picks 2, this will be your civ pool. You can't repeat a civilization from pool
  • Higher rated picks first civ from pool, followed by 2nd player
  • Each player bans one map of (higher rated bans first):|
    • Balanced Mainland (s)
    • Wrench(m)
    • Balanced Hyrcanian Shores (m)
    • Cross (m)
    • Slopes (s)
  • 1st game loser decides who picks civ first from pool and which map to play for 2nd game
  • Last game the remaining civs and map are played

You can see the setup in my Match against Lenhes:


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Hello folks, these are the outstanding matches for the Ro8:

@Subotai_Mongol vs @borg- (winner vs @Feldfeld)
@Dizaka vs @ZeroCelsius
@LeGenDz vs defc0n

Please try to schedule with each other, and remember the rules about civ-map picking. If you have any questions or scheduling notices let me know.

You can play on your own schedule, but if things keep lagging I'll have to bring WO rules to proceed the bracket (which is something I don't want to).

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Ok, these are the outstanding matches for the Ro8:

If the match does not occur until Sunday EOD but one of the players was present at 19:00 CET or another scheduled time (posted in this thread), he wins by WO. If both players absent both players lose.

Also, please upload the replays so it can be casted by me or @mysticjim

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With the Ro8 deadline ending these are the results:

- Losers bracket defc0n v @Subotai_Mongol was nullified (both absent, no responses), @Lenhes proceeds to Ro4
- Without the second game @ZeroCelsius loses by WO, @Dizaka proceeds to Ro4
- @Feldfeld got into contact with me one week ahead and he may play with @borg- this following week.

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Well, can't do much about it. 2 weeks seems to not be time enough for a Bo3 (or at least bother to communicate alternate schedule, early forfeit)

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Hahaha, that's true, but I don't know what to do anymore.

I just came to help organize the tournament and have been promoted afterwards. I can't do much about ppl not scheduling games.

If most ppl don't bother, why should I?

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