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How to play these replay files?


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 1 - Find the folder where you other replays are stored. Something like :  C:\Users\xx\Documents\My Games\0ad\replays\0.0.23 where "xx" is specific to your account

. 2 - Make a folder there with a particular name (like "why you should believe goat in the future") so it is easier to identify in the future if needed) and put your files there

 3 - Open the file "commands.txt" to make sure it uses the same mod as the one you are using. In this case, I guess you are not using autociv you should remove the autociv reference in the file.

At the end of the second lines repeated below, you would therefore delete what I have put in bold:

start {"settings":{"PlayerData":[{"Name":"Mord (1422)","Civ":"gaul","Color":{"r":86,"g":180,"b":31},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":0},{"Name":"bbleft (1622)","Civ":"brit","Color":{"r":150,"g":20,"b":20},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":0},{"Name":"Palaiologos (1506)","Civ":"kush","Color":{"r":220,"g":115,"b":16},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":0},{"Name":"MICKY (1392)","Civ":"brit","Color":{"r":160,"g":80,"b":200},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":1},{"Name":"Dizaka (1536)","Civ":"iber","Color":{"r":50,"g":170,"b":170},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":1},{"Name":"PhyZic (1728)","Civ":"cart","Color":{"r":64,"g":64,"b":64},"AI":"","AIDiff":3,"AIBehavior":"random","Team":1}],"VictoryConditions":["conquest","capture_the_relic"],"CircularMap":true,"Size":320,"PopulationCap":200,"StartingResources":300,"Ceasefire":0,"RelicCount":13,"RelicDuration":25,"WonderDuration":20,"RegicideGarrison":false,"Nomad":false,"RevealMap":false,"ExploreMap":false,"DisableTreasures":true,"DisableSpies":false,"LockTeams":true,"LastManStanding":false,"CheatsEnabled":false,"RatingEnabled":true,"Name":"Hyrcanian Shores","Script":"hyrcanian_shores.js","Description":"Each player starts in a coastal area between forested hills and the Caspian Sea.","Keywords":[],"Preview":"hyrcanian_shores.png","TriggerScripts":["scripts/TriggerHelper.js","scripts/ConquestCommon.js","scripts/Conquest.js","scripts/CaptureTheRelic.js"],"VictoryScripts":["scripts/TriggerHelper.js","scripts/ConquestCommon.js","scripts/Conquest.js","scripts/CaptureTheRelic.js"],"mapType":"random","Seed":849785415,"AISeed":3698933882},"mapType":"random","mapPath":"maps/random/","mapFilter":"default","script":"hyrcanian_shores.js","gameSpeed":1,"map":"maps/random/hyrcanian_shores","matchID":"01ED52B5DADDA511","timestamp":1586817370,"engine_version":"0.0.23","mods":[["public","0.0.23"],["autociv","0.16.1"]]}

 4 - Just play the replay using your 0ad game as you would do it for your own game

You can play a mod if you are using too many mods but you can play a replay if you don't have the mods the players was using when he played the game (unless you do the steps above). A good practice should be for posted replays to have extra mod removed but unfortunately, nmost of th etime you will have to do it your self in most cases.

Even a monkey should be able to learn the trick! ;)



Palaiologos is about to fail!!!


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I am only qualified to solved simple problems :P


I could suggest you to uncheck the "filter compatible replays" section and search for "Mord" (because Mord is lord). You should see the replay. In my case it appears twice because I saw the beginning of that game live and I downloaded the full version from the forum.

If you have a mod issue, you should see it in darker grey (as it is the case for the replay at the bottom of my list) 

Also make sure you are seeing multiplayers games with any victory conditions (filters are on the right)


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