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0 A.D 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament June


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Hello Everyone, The First 1v1 Tournament was a Instant Success. I've decided to make this a monthly Series Called 1v1 Double Elimination Tournaments or 1v1 DETs for short. We Will accept Registrations Via the Forum and from Challonge as well.

So without Further a Do Let me get into the Rules, and FAQ about the Tournament!


Q: When is the Tournament?
A: On June 20th, and will be postponed if need be.

Q: How do I register for the Tournament?
A: Go ahead to our Registration Page  and Go ahead and Register, Alternatively you can Just reply on the Forums That you want to participate along side your In Game Name (IGN) and I'll Pop a message to you on the Forums.

Q: Do I have to Check in for the Tournament?

A: Yes, Check in Starts 2 days before the Tournament. (June 18th)

Q: If I want to Leave the Tournament before it starts can I do so?

A: Yes, you can! If you registered on Challonge you can simply go here - https://challonge.com/0ad/participant_settings  and Click "Unregister"

Q: What is it a Best of
A: The Tournament is a Best of 3 For All matches

Q: What Maps are being Played?

A: We decided on Doing Mainland as it is a basic Map 

Q: What is the Map Size?
A: Games will be played on the Small Map Size

Q: If I want to contact me about something how should I?

A: Respond to this post or email me at: derekowumi@gmail.com

That Wraps up the FAQ Now the Rules and Game settings etc.

Games' Setting:

Population Limit: 300

Starting Resources: Low

Mode: Conquest

Spies: Allowed

Treasure - On

Explored Map: Off

Revealed Map: Off

Cheats: Disabled

Game Speed: Normal (x1)

Ceasefire: None


Spectators: Allowed


Tournament Rules:

Recordings: Send Files to me via Email - derekowumi@gmail.com  or Reply to this Post

Play-style: Best of 3


Double Elimination (Losers and Winners Bracket)


All Civilizations allowed


Map used - Mainland


Player Ethics:

Do not be rude

Do not pause the game before loosing

Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host


If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely


If you're in any way interested feel free to register with any of the ways given. Wish you the best of luck in competing!

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