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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​aye pirates mod (for 0 A. D. A23) ⚓⚓


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:pirate: Aye Pirates Mod attached as .zip version 0.9 BLM

Captain your crew in the Carribbean back in the 17th century ...

Boats -- Whales -- Boars -- Cannon(ish) -- Slaves (can become free) 

Muskets -- Original Music -- Re-worked gameplay -- Tides!!!

I know Lion has asked for screenshots but my rig is broken ATM. More to follow ( I hope)


- happy

ps its really rough and a work in progress here is the hash


MD5:    4e01f885ee0d237f09cdc5fe6ee4317b



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Arrrg forgot to include me map of Romanos Bay Cuba...it will probably make it into the next release.

Meanwhile random is playable. Try:

Map Type: Random

Map filter: Naval maps

Select Map: Pirates

Map Size: <Captain's choice>

Biome: Caribbe

Population Cap: 100 or 150 or 200

Game Speed: Island-style (optionally, Drunken Sailor)

Regicide is fun because your hero is quite charismatic and can capture just about anything .. but basic (conquest) victory condition plays ok too.




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