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Empires Sucks ?!

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I just got the Demo today and I must say I don't like the feel of the game. :P The first demo scenario goes quite well, I arrive at the village and just begin to figure out how to get gold and train some troops. 2 minutes later the knights that have been following me arrive and I am dead. :)

The second scenario is a wee bit easier. I just loose at the very ending battle where I have to defend my original base(=castle).

I must say the difficulty in the demo is annoying. ;)

Do you agree ? Or am I simply missing anything trivial here ?

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Well I for one love Empires, it is very fun. DA about the knights arriving at your town, I had the same problem. But there is a solution....... build a transport at the docks and transport everything to the other shore, it should take two trips but you can still get evertbody across. and the second level........ the key is using the Fire Oxen to blow up large amonts of Japanese troops, (I like to get near the cannons and blow up the oxen there) DO NOT USE THE OXEN ALL AT ONCE I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Well hope that helps. :)

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Hmm, I'm not planning to get that demo in the next weeks. Why ? First, because I don't like the time period (RTS games have to be in ancient or middle ages for me) and second because I have quite a little amount of time available for gaming now (though I have holidays, but things like AoMN.de take quite a lot of my time) :)

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