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Sign up Thread - All Round Tournments (2v2, 3v3, 4v4)

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Register your Team here if you're having issues Registering.


Before coming here make sure you try going here: https://challonge.com/teams/new After creating the team go back to registration and put in your team!



Tournament Rules:

Recordings: Game recording should be sent to my email: derekowumi@gmail.com

Playstyle: Best of 1/3 (Your Choice)

2v2, 3v3, 4v4

Double Elimination (Losers and Winners Bracket)

All Civilizations allowed

Maps used - Syria - Large,  Rivers - Large, Red Sea - Large

Banning Phase:

Before a game starts players of both teams can ban 2 civilizations which cannot be used in the match(es) (the Ban applies to both teams)

Player Ethics:

Do not be rude

Do not pause the game before loosing

Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host

If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely

Connection Issues:

If a player disconnects from a game the game will be paused and remain for 5 minutes in wait for the disconnected player to reconnect back if after 5 minutes the other player does not reconnect the player in waiting will win the match if connection errors continue throughout the matches. The player with connection issues must resign and forfeit their matches

Reporting Scores:

Game hosts will Report scores

if the Game host did not report scores

Please upload the photos to the game and then report scores  on Challonge



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