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A special Thank You to whoever made the error logger

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I'm just writing to say that, while I'm thankful to everyone that has worked on Pyrogenesis / 0 AD, I would also like to express my thankfulness in particular to everyone that worked on making the error logger. I don't know if you yourselves call it that or "Error util", "File parser", or whatever. The name does not concern me here. Whatever you call it, let me just share my experience with it. I have been able to fix by myself more than 90% of the errors that I have encountered while making my mod. I have gotten hundreds of error messages while doing so, but these messages were so clear and specific that I did not need external help in order to solve each problem. This is not because of my personal skills, this is because the error logger has been exceptionally well designed and implemented. No one likes to get an error message, but if I'm going to get one, I want it to tell me what went wrong and how I can fix it by myself. So far, this has been the case almost always. 

Making a good error logger is perhaps one of the most underappreciated tasks in development. So, for what it's worth: thank you.

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