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I know this may be controversial, but I think the current SpecificName scheme adds a minor amount of confusion, or at least a better scheme may add some more clarity where currently there is little.

So, for example:

    <GenericName>Gallic Champion</GenericName>


This is actually a Swordsman, along with whatever that means to the game, but you don't know that from the name of the unit. What I would suggest is something like this:


    <GenericName>Champion Swordsman</GenericName>
    <SpecificName>Gallic Champion</SpecificName>


In the UI, it would show:

Gallic Champion

(Champion Swordsman)



Spartiate Hoplite

(Champion Spearman)


This now gives you a much better idea what "kind" of unit it is.

The <EthnicName> "Spartiátēs" and "Soldurios" would show up elsewhere, likely in the Information viewer. Extended, we could give the player the option of what they want to see in the UI and tooltips.

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Honestly, I like seeing the SpecificName in the UI, it's actually one of the things that I like most about the game. But I do admit that you have a point regarding weapons. I always have to mouse over the unit's portrait just to check the tooltip, because I tend to forget which weapons some of the units use.

Allow me to present the inverse problem: a few units have SpecificName, but no GenericName. For example, I have no way of knowing what a "Leial Zalduneria" is just by reading that specific name (it's the Iberian champion cavalry, my favorite unit, because the flaming javelins make it OP to the gills).

If I may make a counter-proposal:

<GenericName>Gallic Champion Swordsman</GenericName>

And for the weapon, maybe an icon in the UI?

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1 hour ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Extended, we could give the player the option of what they want to see in the UI and tooltips.

If I understood correctly, this would be the ideal solution. 

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