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King of the Hill maps for 0ad

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I came up with the idea of having like a king of the hill map in 0ad. You may know these game mods from other RTS games such as AOE2 or age of mythology, BME and so on.

Basically the idea is to have point in the middle of the map which one player has to capture and hold for a certain amount of time. As i have only very limited skills in coding 0ad i was wondering if you could drop your opinions wether you like the idea or if it is even possible to have this at the current state of 0ad map editor. 


The capture point could be a temple, fort or wonder for example which provides some boni to defenders.


I'd love to see your opinions!


Greetings Schweinepriester!

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Yeah, that is a possibility though a bit of a hack, it would be desirable to:

1. Not allow players to build wonders
2. Not allow players to delete wonder
3. Possibly not allow buildings with territory to be placed on 'hill' to force holding player to garrison units.
4. Hold it for a reasonable time (3-10 min) to win (need to see if hack allows this configuration) I feel more than 10 mins is too much time, considering owner might change. Too long of a time and just killing enemies becomes more desirable, map can also be done so all armies meet at wonder and can't traverse via other path (though I think allowing conquest would still be more fun).

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By the way, I was intending for a while to port the compatibility checker from balanced-maps to community_maps so one does not have to activate/deactivate it all the time. Might encourage adoption, I'll send a PR.

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