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0 A.D. 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament

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About 0 A.D. Tournament and I - Derek:


0 A.D. Double Elimination Tournament is an idea I had for a while as I had a love for the game and instant love for the game.  The Tournament plans to allow players to have fun regardless of their in-game rank  (noobs - Pros.) and allow Pro players to improve their skills a bit more.


My name is Derek, I like Real Time Strategy games which include 0 A.D., Call of War, Hearts of Iron IV, and many more I am quite a likeable person and I like to put what's in my mind into paper and make dreams into realities. I hope to become your friend and to see you compete in game!



Players who are interested in competing  in the tournament have until May 20th, 2020 to state if they're competing or not

To Register

You can also Register on Forum - by saying your in-game-name and your prefered source of communitcation.

go to https://challonge.com/0ad/  click "register" (this link refers you to register page already) then sign up for an account, after signing up you should see a button saying "Sign up for free" Click that then, answer the few questions to sign up. Then your all set! just remember that on May 28th 3 PM GMT to Check-in - check-in closes the day after. We will then contact you via email or Skype for the login details for the game!

if for some reason you cannot compete in the tournament anymore, just let us know on Skype or just un-register from the tournament (Brackets are automated)


Tournament's Skype:



Games' Setting:

Population Limit: 300

Starting Resources: Low

Speed: Normal

Mode: Conquest

Spies: Allowed

Treasure - On

Explored Map: Off

Revealed Map: Off

Spies: Allowed

Cheats: Disabled

Game Speed: Normal

Ceasefire: None


Spectators are allowed but must be approved - get to me on Skype.


Tournament Rules:

Recordings: Still Deciding how we will do it (Contact me if you can do it)

Playstyle: Best of 3


Double Elimination (Losers and Winners Bracket)


All Civilizations allowed


Maps used - Sporades Island - Large  for Round 1, Death Canon -Giant for Round 2, Belgian Bog -  Large for Round 2


Player Ethics:

Do not be rude

Do not pause the game before loosing

Do not Pause the game without asking for permission from your enemy and the host


If any of these rules are broken you may be kicked or banned from the tournament completely


Connection Issues:

If a player disconnects from a game the game will be paused and remain for 5 minutes in wait for the disconnected player to reconnect back if after 5 minutes the other player does not reconnect the player in waiting will win the match if connection errors continue throughout the matches. The player with connection issues must resign and forfeit their matches


Reporting Scores:

Game hosts will Report scores

if the Game host did not report scores

Please take a screenshot of each game end screen label them "Game 1" "Game 2" "Game 3." (Both Players must turn in the Screenshots as validity if the Game host didn't do so)  Send them to me on Skype.



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